This is she.. err me!

I’m a born and raised Calgarian living day to day always hoping for great weather.

I’m a Calgary Flames fan and if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass 🙂

I’ve also been a Flames fan for a long time, so don’t consider me a bandwagon-jumper because I am far from one!

I love movies, in fact, they own me.  I have way too many movies and am almost always watching one.  Sad I know.  I’ll even put one on as background noise while I do something else… I call it multi-tasking.  I’m sure others would call it being obsessive, or lazy, or both..


Please don’t ask me my favorite movie, because that’s just too hard for me to decide on one 😛

I’m new to blogging, so please keep an open mind.  All constructive criticism will be stomped on, shredded, and thrown out welcome with open arms.. just be nice.. please!



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