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Foot #4

Sorry for everybody but my posts are going to be about me and my gibbled foot for the next bit.  With a large part due to the fact that I’m not doing anything but sitting around.  Therefore there aren’t many exciting pictures for me to take.

Yes, all my other pictures before the surgery were SPECTACULAR

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Foot #3

HOoooooOoooly Hell

Sure didn’t sleep last night, and neither did my father (sorry dad) due to my intense pain last night.

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Foot #2

Well needless to day I didn’t sleep well last night due to my surgery being today.

I think my biggest worry had to do with what kind of pain I was going to be dealing with.  Especially since everyone I’d talked to about this surgery told me how painful the recovery was :\

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Foot #1

So tomorrow is D-DAY

I’ll be going for my first bunion surgery session tomorrow.  Doctor considered my right foot to be more advanced so the drivers foot will be chopped up first.

I thought it would be funny (and I’m totally curious to see the difference) to take before and after pics. Read the rest of this entry

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