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Day 3: Capri

Today was a early morning (shocker) with a optional cruise around Capri.

Everyone in the group chose to do this optional.  Our large group was split between two different boats.

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Day 2: Pompeii and Sorrento

Today as an early morning which was alright because I was exhausted last night and was completely asleep within minutes of climbing into bed.  Surprisingly I actually did get a decent amount of sleep last night even though the beds are small and stiff!

Every night of the trip, the trip leader draws up a “day sheet” so everyone knows what you will be doing the next day.


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Day 1: Travel Day/Rome

Well today is the day!  I’m sitting here at the airport, waiting to make my way to Italy to start my Simply Italy tour with Contiki.


Simply Italy

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Travel Day

Well the big day has finally arrived… I’M GOING TO ITALY!!!

I will be touring all over the country over the next 12 days with Contiki.  This will be my second trip with Contiki and i’m very excited


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Being back to the crippled status and letting days waste away doing nothing, I’ve been passing time with tv, movies, online window shopping, and watching random videos.

This is how I feel about buffering videos..


I’m sure there are others that feel the same way

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