Day 3: Capri

Day 3: Capri

Today was a early morning (shocker) with a optional cruise around Capri.

Everyone in the group chose to do this optional.  Our large group was split between two different boats.

Our boat captain was Massimo and he didn’t talk very much, but the small amount that he did was very informative.  Our first stop was at the Blue Grotto.  It would cost an additional €13 to be able to go inside and see it.  This may seem like a waste of money since you’re only inside the grotto for a short time, but I knew it was a must because I didn’t want to regret not going inside, and who knows when i would be there again?  For me, it was no question.  I hopped into a little row boat and handed over the cash to a floating toll booth and waited patiently for our turn.

Waiting for our turn to climb into the row boats

There was a bit of a queue which took up some time but who’s complaining when you’re sitting inside a boat on the Mediterranean Sea??  To get into the Blue Grotto you had to climb into a row boat and then lay completely down inside because the entrance was so small.

Laying flat in the boat, about to enter the Blue Grotto

When the waves came in, the water completely closes the entrance…. a little nerve racking.  Our captain kept shouting TSUNAMI when the waves came.  When the time came, he had to perfectly time it when the waves were low and yanked on the chains attached to the side of the cliff to pull us through, before the waves rose and he got hurt.

Made it! Woo! Once inside, it was pitch black and our eyes needed a few seconds to adjust.  The Captain then said “look behind us” and you could see this electric blue water behind the row boat.  The water has this luminescent effect where when the water is disturbed, it illuminates this amazing blue colour.  It was stunning and I’m so glad I was able to see it with my own eyes.

The Blue Grotto and all its beauty
The Blue Grotto and all its beauty

On with the Capri Island Cruise!

We stopped off at a little cove where almost everyone jumped into the water.  Alyssa and I then climbed these steps to a cliff side where a few boys were taking turns jumping off.  Time for the girls to show them how it’s done!  I haven’t jumped into water from a fair distance in a while so I forgot to point my toes…ouch.  Tender for a little bit but worth it.

After climbing back into our boats it was time to see the Green and the White Grotto.  The Green grotto had the same sort of effects the Blue Grotto did, but was electric green.  The white grotto had some sort of coral flower growing in it.  I didn’t find the White Grotto all that impressive, but it’s hard to follow the beautiful colours of the Blue and Green Grottos.

Enjoying the beautiful colours of the Green Grotto

After the cruise was done, we had 4 hours to wander around Capri.  4 of us girls hunted down somewhere to have lunch.  We took the Funicular (a type of gondola) up to the main square of Capri.  The views up there are INCREDIBLE.

I had a ham and mozzarella panini and of course a Caprese Salad.  Even though I don’t like tomatoes I felt the need to taste what Capri was famous for.

Still not a big fan of tomatoes but it was very good.  Everything was paired with a glass of white wine… of course 😉  After that we had to hunt for a toilet as our restaurant did not have one.  We had to pay $0.50 to use it but that’s Europe for you.

Now time for another gelato.  I had a Pistachio and Rocher cup.  Ohhhhhhh  man was this ever tasty.  I see what the obsession is now!

Once we were finished our super tasty dessert, we rode the Funicular back down to the main square.  We had about 30 minutes to kill before we had to meet up with the rest of the group, so we headed for the beach.  To our surprise, most of the group was there already.  Great minds think alike.  Then it was time to take the ferry back to Sorrento.

We had a bit of time to kill before the next schedule event so I managed to buy some Limoncello which is a yummy but strong liquor which is used particularly as a digestive aid.

Penis shaped Limoncello anyone? Not the bottle I purchased, but had to take a picture!

The girls and I also felt the need to indulge in another fantastic gelato.  We found this shoppe while I was searching for my bottle of booze.  Check out how many flavours this place had!

Sorrento is famous for it’s large lemons that grow from the very fertile soil.  When Mt Vesuvius erupted it left a lot of places covered in volcanic ash which is great for crops…who knew?

These lemons are the size of small watermelons!!!
These lemons are the size of small watermelons!!!

Next was on to the pizza parlour where they gave a pizza making demonstration and all you can eat pizza.  Challenge accepted!

First was a Margarita pizza with just sauce, cheese and herbs.  Simple and tasty!  Next was another veggie with zucchini.  Another delicious one!  Next was one with mushrooms.  Not my thing but they were easy to pick off.  Some of the other people decided to have a eating competition.  By the end I do believe the winner won by eating 10 pieces or a entire tray.  Mama Mia that’s a lot of pizza!  After we were finished stuffing out face, we went back to the hotel where most people were pretty tired.


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