Day 2: Pompeii and Sorrento

Day 2: Pompeii and Sorrento

Today as an early morning which was alright because I was exhausted last night and was completely asleep within minutes of climbing into bed.  Surprisingly I actually did get a decent amount of sleep last night even though the beds are small and stiff!

Every night of the trip, the trip leader draws up a “day sheet” so everyone knows what you will be doing the next day.


Breakfast was a nice mixture of meats, cheeses and pastries and of course COFFEE!

Today we’re off to Sorrento with a stop off in Pompeii to see the ruins.  Sorrento is in the southern part of the country which is considered to be the driest and hottest part of Italy.  Pompeii is a city located below and active volcano called Mount Vesuvius.

Mount Vesuvius from the coach

Mount Vesuvius erupted back in AD 79 and covered the city of Pompeii with volcanic ash which preserved a lot of items we are still able to see today.  I chose to do the optional guided tour of Pompeii.

Amphitheatre inside Pompeii ruins
Pompeii ruins

I really enjoyed it as our guide was really knowledgable and I wouldn’t have been able to find out nearly as much if I had wandered on my own.  It was a very hot day with very little breeze.  Some people in our group burned really badly!!

After the tour we had about an hour where we could walk around.  Char, Alyssa, Silken and I grabbed some food and just hung out.  The pizza was sooo good and I managed to taste my first gelato.

First gelato in Italy! Mmm so good!!!

Expensive here in Pompeii but still delicious.  I had it in a cone which was tasty but I think I’ll stick with a bowl from now on as it was so hot outside which made it melt so darn quick.

Driving along the Amalfi Coast

Once we got to Sorrento, we found out that our hotel didn’t have enough space to accommodate everyone in our group and that the couples will have to stay at another hotel. We were quite upset at first because the first hotel was nice and seemed to have lots of room where as our room was small and cramped.  Plus side, we had a nice bathroom and the location where breakfast was served had a fantastic view.

We heard later that some of the couples in the first hotel didn’t have hot water and other random problems.  Once in our room we quickly cleaned up and changed into nice clothing because we were going to a nice restaurant for one of the optional meals.

Admiring the view from dinner

First was appetizers.  A yummy glass of Prosecco, mini meat and cheese sandwiches, fruit kabob’s, assorted nuts and these fried salty delicious dough balls.  Us Canadians simply referred to them as Tim Bits.

Next was the dinner, and it was delicious.  Yes I will probably say how delicious the food was multiple times throughout this blog… get used to it, or go to Italy and find out for yourself 😉

I honestly cannot remember what the first dish was but second was a ravioli pasta partnered with pasta in red sauce.  1 bottle of red and 1 bottle of white wine was included with the dinner, and our table went through that pretty quick.  Next came the main course which I chose to be fish.  The was also very very good.  The 4 of us decided to join our table with the table of people beside us.

What fun we had.  At one point a lady from another table came over and offered us both of their bottles of wine because they don’t drink.  We accepted them with open arms.  Our table wasn’t enjoying the free red wine, so Abbey started offering to trade our bottles of red for others bottles of white…. Ohhh man was that ever a great idea.

Because we can! Finished 8 bottles 😏 between us girls!

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With dinner there was a performance from the staff with live music and dancing.  A great night in Sorrento for sure!


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