Day 1: Travel Day/Rome

Day 1: Travel Day/Rome

Well today is the day!  I’m sitting here at the airport, waiting to make my way to Italy to start my Simply Italy tour with Contiki.

Simply Italy

The Rome airport was completely packed due to multiple flights arriving at the same time.  The airport transfer to the hotel that I had booked through Contiki was not quite what I expected.  The quick airport transfer took about 1 1/2hours to get to our hotel because the driver seemed to do a personal favour for one couple in particular, and drop them off at a residence. Didn’t help that the driver had difficulty trying to find it (because the couple couldn’t remember exactly where it was).

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.51.04 PM
Landing in Rome!

Once we arrived at our hotel it was time for the group meeting with our trip manager Jimmy.  Our tour had 52 people which included 8 couples and the rest friends and solo travellers. Talk about a big group!  Once we got all of the trip particulars in order, it was time for dinner!  HORRAY our first Italian feast!

Char and I in our first tiny European elevator

The restaurant was Ristorante La Gattabuia and our group was seated down in what seemed the basement part of the restaurant, which made it ridiculously loud when 52 people entered.  It was definitely hard for me to be part of any conversation as I have a difficulty hearing when there’s too much background noise.  Oh well, just means I’ll get to focus on the food and wine!

3 course meal. Photo courtesy of my travel mate Nicole!

After the dinner the group drove around for just a glimpse of Rome and all it’s beauty.

Altare della Patria. Monument built to honour the first King

I can definitely see how people say you need more than 1 day in Rome because there are so many beautiful buildings and architecture everywhere.

Victor Emmanuel the first King of unified Italy!

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