Travel Day

Well the big day has finally arrived… I’M GOING TO ITALY!!!

I will be touring all over the country over the next 12 days with Contiki.  This will be my second trip with Contiki and i’m very excited


I might be a wee bit excited.  Going to Italy and seeinig the iconic landmarks has been on my bucket list before I even had a bucket list…. does that make sense?  I think it does and that’s all that matters!

This will be my second trip with Contiki and I’m so very excited.  I enjoy joining tour groups and travelling the world with like minded people.  You meet amazing people from all over the world that you build this connection with that you could never have predicted.  Who knew travelling the world with open up opportunity for friends everywhere (well seasoned travellers know this, but maybe you didn’t)


The trip I’ll be taking is a 1 country tour (2 if you really want to include Vatican City, which I am) that travels all over Italy, called Simply Italy.  I prefer these in depth tours instead of the multi-country tours.  This way you get to see the heart and soul of one country, instead a tiny taste of multiple countries.

For more information click on the above picture to see the full itinerary!


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