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POTD #16

One of my birthday presents of a very LARGE container of pearler beads…11,000 to be exact.

Unfortunately they’re all mixed and for large projects it helps to have them sorted into colours.

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You puzzle me

In a previous post I mention about receiving a Christmas gift.

Well I finally put it together.  Who doesn’t like a gift that involves a little DIY

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To help deal with my incapacity I’ve had my parents taking turns being my slave helping me out since I can’t manoeuvre well.  Today Dad brought home sushi to nosh on!

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Foot #4

Sorry for everybody but my posts are going to be about me and my gibbled foot for the next bit.  With a large part due to the fact that I’m not doing anything but sitting around.  Therefore there aren’t many exciting pictures for me to take.

Yes, all my other pictures before the surgery were SPECTACULAR

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Today I got a lovely visit from one of my best friends Sarah, and her loud kidlets (for future reference, pronounced as kid~lets) Read the rest of this entry

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